Nvida 9800Gt Vs Ati hd 4770

Whats the best Graphics card to buy between the Nvidia 9800Gt 256bit DDR3 Ati hd 4770 256bit DDR3
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  1. It all depends, sorry I can say for sure since I only have one of those cards that being the 9800gt.
  2. I think 4770 edges the 9800GT by a little bit.
  3. It all depends on what your key metrics for comparison are.

    What do you value most? Cost? Performance? Ease of Use? Customer Support?
  4. If you want it for gaming purposes go for the 9800GT.....but if you want it for animation work and etc. get the 4770....
  5. 4770 is better in every way. lets look at this way:
    lower temps (mines is 33c idle), less power requirement , smaller , and overall better performance than 9800. It's more like 9800 gtx+ . Sometimes it beats it, sometimes it loses . There is no reason to get 9800 gt they were made in 2007, and they are less efficient.
  6. in fc2 bench is close in performance with gts 250 which is better than 9800gt
    but looses most of the time
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