Problem with linux to belkin router

Computer novice. I just recently put Fedora 12 on a old pc.I was running XP before.I have a Belkin "G"wireless router.The pc with Fedora is plugged directly into the Belkin.Now when I get on the internet it is extremely slow,but if I plug directly into the Att dsl modem it works really well.The other wireless devices in the house have no problems with the Belkin, just the pc running Linux that is hardwired to the Belkin.I like the Linux,but it is a hassle to use it this way.Nobody can use thier wireless pc,s while the Linux pc is plugged into the modem.Any Ideas?
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  1. Post this in the Linux/Free BSD part of the forum. Not that this is the wrong place; actually it is a good one, but the real experts hang out there. I'm sure they'll jump all over it; I wish I could but I'm running mint, not fedora.
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