Fan controllers

I currently have

1 120mm front fan
1 120mm side fan
1 120mm back fan
CPU fan
GFX card fan
PSU fan

And may install a 120mm top fan

With so many fans, front, side and back all on max, they'r not LOUD, but I can hear them, so when left on idle, general usage, I want to be able to at the very least control all the case fans, thats 3 atm and will install 4th (top) later.

If possible something that can control cpu fan (on max atm) as well.

Nice display is a plus, such as LCD with temps and fan speeds, but not necessary.

Only need 2 settings, low and high, but would prefer being able to add custom profiles, like medium or front and back on max, with side and top on medium/low etc.

Can be fitted in optical or floppy drive bays.

Nothing expensive, something quality and worth the money but at an acceptable price.

Also, after recommending on the above, how easy is it to install and setup?
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  1. A hi end MoBo will easily handle those fans....the R2E for example can handle 8.

    Best fan controller I have seen w/ regard to power, flexibility and ease of use is the NZXT Sentry 2

    Lots of wattage capability allowing you to gang fans, multiple connect choices ( 3 pin and molex), 5 fan capability, no hassles with batteries and lost memory.
  2. Looks good, but I have no real clue about these things, so I reckon looks and spec is what I can go on....

    3 that they have listed, which is the best then? Worth getting the double drive bay one?

    Reading its reviews, so far, its about a year old and getting "recommended".
  3. After searching more, theres not many around and has it at the cheapest for UK.

    The price is high, the product seems to be great, but is it better than the one u linked?
  4. The LX is a hunk of junk. Very low wattage, loses settings, etc. Read the reviewes here:

    The Sentry 2 is the one that fixed all the problems w/ previous models.
  5. that noise it makes is really off putting, any other controllers worth looking in to?

    I was going to order this, a 5850 and a quad core to replace my dual core, but now since the recent cod4mw2 news, I dont see any need to upgrade. So, may just get the controller on its own.
  6. The noise what makes ? My son bought the Asus OC station which is the best fan controller I have seen (also monitors voltage most things accessible via BIOS) but it's primary marketing focus is as an overclocking tool. Downside is it;s price and it only works for Asus RoG (Republic of Gamers) boards
  7. Having read the reviews, the ticking noise every time you touch the screen/settings etc, also check the you tube vid on it.
  8. You menas like the click you hear when you use a keyboard ? I thot that was a good thing :)
  9. Sentry 2 is touchscreen and everytime you touch it, it makes a loud beep noise, very irrating, spose I will have to buy n test :)
  10. Nice one, some fans in there that I have not seen before, thanks
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