Building my own computer, need help.

Hey, I am thinking about building my own computer. I can go as high as $1200, but i would REALLY like it to be cheaper!

CPU: I am not really sure what to get here, so help would be needed here.
Mobo: I want a 790FX, with crossfire, so if you can find a good one, i would appreciate it.
Video Card: I am looking at the Radeon HD 5850 right now.
Case: I am looking at the Cooler Master HAF 932, but if its not good, i would like other tips. (Probably need a full tower because later i might want to get two 5850s
Power Supply: I want 700W-800W
RAM: about 4GB
Hard drive: 320GB-500GB

I also want a CPU fan. Anything will help, and don't worry, i'm getting help putting it together so i dont mess it up XD

Thanks all!
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  1. Also, if i am missing anything, please tell me. Thanks!
  2. CPU:
    MB: Not a big mobo guy but heard this was good
    GPU: Yep, 5850 is where it's at right now
    Case: HAF is amazing, get that or the antec 1200
    Power: You want a 1000w if you plan on doing a 5850 crossfire
  3. i guess if its gonna cost a lot more, i wont get the 5850 crossfire, ill stick with the mobo, but maybe get another power supply, but what should i get?
  4. Best answer
    CPU 189.99 free shipping

    Motherboard 199.99 free shipping

    Video Card 379.99 + shipping

    Memory 85.99 free shipping

    Case 139.99 free shipping ends tomorrow!!! ;)

    Power Supply 99.99 free shipping

    Hard Drive 74.99 free shipping

    DVD Drive 28.99 + shipping

    CPU Cooler 33.98 free shipping

    1233.90 + apprx 20.00 shipping

    I overshot you on the video card, this can be dropped down to the 5850 you were looking at and this will give you the additional money needed to get the operating system if you don't have one.

    This is one of many good suggestions... ;)
  5. for the CPU, if i went a cheaper route, which one would be better? the Core 2 Duo E8500 or the Phenom II X3 720 BE?
  6. AMD, the 775 socket is dead and will have limited upgrade options...
  7. If you are looking at a PhIIx4 you should also consider an i5. If you want to go cheaper go with the PhIIx3 720. Dont get a socket 775 CPU.

    Englandrs build even had the GPU upgraded to a 5870. You would save $100 dropping it to a 5850.

    I would go with a Samsung F3 500GB or 1TB since its 500GB platters with be faster than the Seagate 750 he has listed.

    Also that crosshair is an expensive motherboard. This gigabyte is $75 cheaper and will do everything you want.

    You could also save money by going with a the HAF 922 or an antec 900. 5850s are a fairly short card (only 9 inches, many performance cards are 10-11 inches) so you could probably even go with an antec 300 illusion.

    You only need a good 650W PSU to crossfire two 5850s; a 750W gives you room to overclock and add lots more SSDs, HDDs, etc. 1000W is for 3 or 4 card crossfire systems.
  8. Make sure your motherboard you chose supports the quad cores. You may find yourself wanting to upgrade later.

    Is your plan to try and unlock the 4th core on that cpu? I would get the ram I suggested and put the money into getting a quad core cpu and don't depend on getting lucky to unlock that cpu. It doesn't always work out to a happy ending.

    Everything looks good to me. Happy building... ;)
  9. Just wondering... what monitor are you using?
  10. Im using a 21.6" SOYO monitor, its actually really good! And yeah, i checked out the mobo, and it does support a quad core, so i think i am going to get the computer around christmas, and i might upgrade later. Thanks everyone!
  11. Large mid-towers like the HAF 922 and Antec 900 or 902 are only an inch or so shorter than the full towers and would easily handle two GPUs for less money.
  12. the HAF 932 has 1 140mm fan, and 3 230mm fans, while the 922 has 1 120mm fan, and 2 200mm fans. so the 932 cools a lot better. If i do get the 932, should i still get a CPU cooler?
  13. You should get a good CPU cooler regardless of anything else. You need the heatsink and all those fins for the air to do its job.
  14. What did you decide? :bounce:
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