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Hey all,

I have a 9600GT dual monitor horizontal span (extended desktop) setup running on Windows 7. What I want to be able to do, is have apps like IE, MSN, Winamp .etc running on my left hand (secondary) monitor, while playing Diablo II on my main monitor. The problem comes when the game is run, as the cursor is locked within the game, and I can't move my cursor across to my left hand monitor without ALT+TABbing out of the game. This is irritating and negates the point of having 2 monitors in the first place for me. Is there a way around this?
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  1. I have a similar set up and I've always had the same problems. Running the game in windowed mode make alt-tabbing a little better, but I've never found a way around it. I've always thought it was a problem with the game that was set to pause when it loses focus.
  2. Sadly that was the answer I was expecting, after a lot of googling I've come up with nothing of any use, apparantly its to do with legacy games that effectively lock the cursor within a canvas. Some people have said that newer games that use the windows cursor as opposed to a game rendered one, have achieved what we are trying to do. Unfortunately thats no help to me, I like the old games. =) Thanks for the reply jsrudd, I appreciate someone taking the time to answer. =)
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