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heya this is my my current comp setup and am looking at a big video card upgrade , since i live in canada and quadcore prices are still a bit too much till perhaps next year . anyways with this current setup and a 275$ budget what would be a good video card upgrade .

Motherboard:Asus p5k/epu
Cpu:intel e7200 2.5 ghz
Video Card : Ati Sapphire 4670 gddr3 512 meg pci-e
hard drive:seagate 500 gig sata 16 meg cache
memory:4 gigs ddr2 800 mhz oca reaper hfc series
psu:seasonic M12 600 watts atx 12v
operating system: windows xp home

there you have it folks :)

P.s. By the way a few friends have recommended me to either buy one of these cards from my local computer store , But i wnat to get feedback since many have suggested me to go to tom's hardware for adviceanyways here are the links to the two mentioned cards

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  1. An ATI 5850 is DX11 compatible, cheaper and more powerful than that GTX275 that is only a DX10 card.

    They are not in stock much because they were just released but for long term considerations that would be what i recommend. It may take a few more weeks for availability to build up. You could use newegg's auto notify feature and jump on to buy when you get notified.
  2. thanks for the advice , i think since its not much in stock right now by the time it is in stock i'll have the extra money to buy it , i wont be able to take advantage of the direct x 11 since i am stuck on windows xp but since i'll be upgradeing to windows 7 and a new cpu next year . i have to say this card is worth it :)
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