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Hello guys, just a quick message

What is the best choise for budget gaming I do Game but only in small monitors (17, and 19 widescreen) usually at 1280x1024

AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition
AMD Athlon II X4 620

and with the prices of DDR2 going so high should i get a DDR3 motherboard instead?
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  1. For that res, the 550 with DDR2 and spend the rest on a stronger single gpu card like the 5850 or something.. I know the 5850 is Overkill but if he chooses to upgrade his monitor in the future it will still work just as well.
  2. but DDR2 Its almost the same price than DDR3
    whats a good ASUS DDR3 Motherboard combo (mb and ram)?
  3. hey check out the X3 720! When overclocked, it rivals I7's for gameplay!

    I also agree if you can get a stronger videocard then thats where the money should go. If you play mostly RTS games get the quadcore.

    here is the link to the review of the X3 720

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