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I have a computer that is freezing randomly (on start up and just randomly after sitting idle for 30mins). I know it's not the Vid card, it's the one from my other comp that had no problems (this condistion excited before I swapped the new one in). Have installed Windows 7, New hard drive, and just got done testing the Ram with Memtest one stick at a time. It did find a bad stick which I removed and I thought that was the problem. So I put the 3 good sticks back in and booted her froze shortly after everything loaded :-( Anyone have any suggestions. I think it might be the motherboard.
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  1. Does it completely lock up? As in, to the point where you have to shut down?

    Check the event viewer for errors.
  2. Yes, I have to hard hard reboot it. Can't do anything. Strangely enough it seems to do it more often when there is no load on the computer. If a game is being playing it will rarely lock up.
  3. Aford 10 I have things under the "critical" and "Error" portions in the event viewer. what should I tell you about them? or show you it all?
  4. In those sections I am getting the errors "Event ID 3 kernel-EventTracing" and "Event ID 6 Kernel-Procerror-power" Those 2 are the ones coming up within the last hour.
  5. I installed that program and seemed to be going well... But they want you to buy the program to fix them all, ugggghhhh. Any free programs?
  6. Assuming there is no problem with the PSU, if the CPU shoots upto cent percent usage on desktop screen itself, your comp may be infected with some virus.. Or else, have you got any overclocking feature improperly implemented.? The problem may lie with the bios..
  7. Did you try simply deleting the panther folder, as mentioned? That seems to have fixed a few of the people who had similar issues.

    You shouldn't have to pay for a fix.
  8. Well, I don't know if it's his PSU - he said if he's gaming, it rarely locks up, but still does - but proves to show his PSU is giving out sufficient power under load. Try monitoring the voltages of your PSU by downloading HW-Monitor and post a screen shot of that window once you open it.
  9. Asus is one of the top motherboard manufacturers.

    Why don't you elaborate on why Asus is so bad? Instead of spewing a baseless comment, give your evidence.
  10. aford10 said:
    Try the fix here, and see if it cleans up some of the errors.

    Tizom said:
    I installed that program and seemed to be going well... But they want you to buy the program to fix them all, ugggghhhh. Any free programs?

    You don't need to install any program. None of the fixes in that link suggested installing anything.
  11. Tizom said:
    In those sections I am getting the errors "Event ID 3 kernel-EventTracing" and "Event ID 6 Kernel-Procerror-power" Those 2 are the ones coming up within the last hour.

    Mark my words, it's the motherboard, specifically the chipset. :pt1cable:

    The errors has nothing to do with a defective chipset. Try using facts to back up your claims.
  12. Quote:
    We are informed by a tech who works at asus that these motherboards frequently require a chip set replacement.

    Who is 'we'? What motherboards?? The model wasn't even mentioned. I'd like to see some proof.


    The fact that one of the symptoms is a voltage reading of .54 volts in the 3.3 volt rail indicates that the chip set is drawing too much current and overloading the power supply; a south bridge failure.

    There wasn't even a mention of any bad voltage readings.

  13. Bump ttt

    It has been yet another month of this same problem again, It get's better for a few days and then it will do it all night so it makes the computer unusable. I have a screehshot that someone suggestted. I am at a lost, I might just go buy a new cpu/mobo and see :-/
  14. Your temps look good. Are you still getting the same error in the event viewer?
  15. Nope, not getting any errors now :-/
  16. Oh I also Ran Memtest and I actually did find a bad stick of Ram (well 2 so not to mess with the duel channel). So I took it out and though I had found the problem..........but no, it's still there. I even took out the bios Battery so it didn't think the other 2 sticks were still in there.
  17. Then, It's not likely software related.

    What are your hardware specs?
  18. Oh, it should also be noted that I froze once during Memtest which runs off Dos, so it's not a software thing, gotta be hardware I guess
  19. How long did you run memtest?
  20. I will run BelArc advisor in a min when I can get it up without freezing and you my whole computer.
  21. I was able to get 3 passes on each stick by it's self, went to run it all night and it had froze during the night at around 2 if I remember correctly.
  22. Ideally, you want to run memtest for at least 6 hours.

    Do any of the motherboard capacitors look swollen on top or leaking?
  23. I am trying to Run Memtest for that long, But now it is Freezing without getting even one pass. Before when i ran the sticks by themselves I was able to get 2 passes with no problems, now it just keeps freezing at random percentages.

    I am trying to find out if this is just the Ram or not, found one guy that said his was doing this too, he replaces the Ram and it still does it :-/

    Again, Ty for all your help Aford
  24. Try running a chkdsk.
    start-->run-->chkdsk /r
    This will schedule a chkdsk the next time you restart the computer, and try to repair any errors.

    Here's a picture of some swollen motherboard capacitors. Do you see any that look like this?
  25. New Development!

    So when I took out one of the sticks of Ram (so only one left in) I am able to run Memtest with no lockups. Swapped in the other stick and no lock ups. It only locks up during the Memtest when both sticks are in. What could be causing this? they are dual channel sticks same size and company.

    Oh, and I checked out the Mobo capacitors and none look swollen.
  26. Try using 1 RAM chip at a time, in each slot. You may have a bad slot.
  27. ok, I put one of the sticks in the second Ram slot. Still running at about 3.5 hours and 6 passes. No lock ups, but I have an error that is has found is 3 of the 6 passes. Would I be getting an error only if it was the Ram or from the mother board also?
  28. If memtest found errors, it's the RAM.
  29. Tried the good stick in the 2nd slot and no errors!!! So in the end I has 2 bad sticks of Ram, one that was garbage with hundreds of errors and one with a very small one that was only found 3 times in 5 hours.

    Has been running all day with no probs! Thank you for you Help Aford!!!
  30. You're welcome
  31. *Sigh*

    Well I am afraid the only solution is a sledge hammer...

    It froze late last night, so then I ran a memtest on the one good stick of ram and it froze after 7 passes and 4 hours...and now it has preceded to freeze 3 times this morning along with an error occurring and windows having to restore its self...

    I'm about ready to start over with a whole new system, what could it be? processor?
  32. Did you ever check for swollen capacitors, as pictured above?
  33. yes I check that too, they all look flat and find, none are bulging :-(
  34. Check the voltage settings in the BIOS. See if they are set to your RAM specifications.

    Have you looked to see if there's an updated video driver?
  35. I am having trouble finding where to change it in the bios, my mother board is an Asus A8N-VM and and the ram is a 1GB stick of PC3200 400MHz, what voltage should it be in my bios for that Ram?
  36. Look for the advanced settings, or the DRAM configurations. It should look similar to this.,1223-4.html

    For the specific RAM timings and voltage settings, you'll need to find the model.
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