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Wanting to put together a computer for gaming, photoshop, video editing, browsing, etc. Been running an old Athlon 3800+ and a 7600gt for a couple years now and they're showing their age. Wanted to really go with an i5, and try to stay below $900. Also I suck at picking out power supplies. Is this one OK? What do you guy's think of this build?





HDD: [Already Own]


Optical Drive:


Thanks for your help!
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    cheaper faster ram, what resolution are you going to be playing at? That power supply will be fine for a single card, but keep in mind your motherboard does not have the standard 8x/8x crossfire option, it has a 16x slot and a 4x slot.
  2. I think you could get a better motherboard, like the GB P55 at $135.. I've had bad experience with asrock mobos..

    And if possible pick a GPU that blows air out of the card is better than this one which just dissipates hot air all around your case.
  3. 1680 X 1050 is my resolution. Thanks for the RAM recommendation. I'm only planning on a single card as well.

    Should I replace the board and the GPU with these?


  4. That motherboard wont handle more than one graphics card. As long as you are not looking for that future expansion, Gigabyte is a good manufacturer. EVGA, ASUS, DFI and MSI are other good motherboard manufacturers.

    This ASUS P7P55D LE is another with basically the same capabilities and price.

    XFX (lifetime warranty) is the preferred GPU manufacturer. EVGA, Sapphire, HIS and ASUS are also good.
  5. I just purchased all the things for my i5 build from newegg last night.

    I went with the Gigabyte board rec'd above since I just used another Gigabyte board last month to build a system for my husband (not p55...but I liked the board despite a RMA for a bad memory controller).

    Here is what I went for if you are interested (that's why I'm see what other people are doing for their i5 builds).

    One thing though...seriously consider getting an aftermarket CPU cooler. I went with Zalman CNSP10X Quiet. Read the will fit on the board. Other i5 builders reviewed it at newegg. On another note, I noticed alot of i5 builders going for the Coolermaster CPU cooler which is alot cheaper than the Zalman. I just like Zalman because they are pretty quiet.

    Coolermaster CPU fan =

    Case =
    HDD =
    MB =
    GPU =
    PS =
    CPU cooler =
    CPU =

    The whole build came in under 900$ before rebates and such. With cashback, and rebates the above components will cost ~830. On a side note...this prices does not include the new keyboard, mouse, DVD/CD drive, and a Win 7 purchase.

    Have fun with your build...I hope I will with mine.


  6. video card/ psu combo:

    mobo/ram/cpu combo:

    dvd burner:


    Hd (1tB):

    cpu cooler:

    Mobo gives you option to go crossfire, but with the second card only in a 4X slot. with another 4870 you should still see a big performance boost. build also gives you a 1 tb hd and a good cpu cooler for a bit of overclocking.

    all for $852 before shipping and MIRs. after MIRs it would be under $800
    keep a look out for combos
  7. Thanks everyone for your help! This should definitely help me decide.
  8. Coolmax is not a quality PSU manufacturer. I would NOT get the GPU + PSU combo suggested above. The cooler suggested also isn't compatible with the LGA 1156 socket.

    You can get the OCZ 500W PSU you originally picked in a combo with that XFX 4870 1GB card. $199.98 - $40 MIR's

    This cooler is compatible with your system:

    COOLER MASTER Intel Core i5 & Intel Core i7 compatible RR-B10-212P-GP 120mm "heatpipe direct contact" Long life sleeve CPU Cooler - Retail $29.99
  9. Thanks! I also have a few questions. I'm not planning on overclocking anything. Do I really need an aftermarket cooler or could I just use the stock?
  10. The stock cooler will work fine for the CPU at stock speed. That's what Intel designed it to do.
  11. The build looks good. Don't forget about an OS. You'll want a 64-bit OS so you can fully use all 4GB of RAM and have the option of adding more later if needed.
  12. smokeybill08 said:
    Thanks! I also have a few questions. I'm not planning on overclocking anything. Do I really need an aftermarket cooler or could I just use the stock?

    The stock cooler that comes with the chip is horrible. The sink is really thin and the fan is weak. I highly recommend an aftermarket HSF even if you aren't overclocking. I'm not saying to go out and spend $60 on a HSF, but a good $20-30 one would help in the long run.

    Just my recommendation... Goodluck and let us know how it goes!
  13. I'm gonna go ahead and buy, then pick up Windows 7 when it drops. I got a copy of the RC I'll use till then.
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