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Hello Tom's Hardware Community,

Today, I've had a rough time in computing. First, this morning I had a BSOD which claimed to be from some kind of "Power State Driver Failure". The computer rebooted without any lasting affects so far as I could tell. It was operating normally for awhile at which point I installed Audacity. The program was working fine aside from one error which caused the program to close. Awhile later, I shut down the PC. I returned sometime later and attempted to boot up the machine. At this point, it would only boot to a blank screen, and the keyboard lights blinked to indicate what seems to be a CPU malfunction. The computer is an HP Pavillion dv5z notebook with an AMD Turion X2 Ultra processor. I'm just curious if a CPU can be functioning one minute, be turned off and sit in a room for a few hours and then all of a sudden no longer work. This appears to be exactly what happened, but it just seems really odd. Anyway, thank you for your time. I already talked to HP. After explaining the issue, the service guy simply referred me to their "great Holiday deals". I realize that it may in fact come to this, but if there's some less critical problem causing this, I'd love to know. I'd rather not have to buy a brand new computer. Thanks again.
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  1. Try reinstalling windows, also does HP not cover this with the warranty?
  2. That could possibly be an overheating problem. I had someone ask me about their laptop which suddenly stopped working after she left it in her car, and overheating turned out to be the cause. Did you leave it on a soft surface? If so that messes with the fans airflow (since they are on the bottom with laptops) and can easily cause overheating.
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