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  1. Hi hendi_17,

    As it runs standard CDC/ADM, so depends on the host platform you used, for example:
    if you use Linux, the built-in driver should work
    if you use Windows, driver can be obtained below (login required):

    To get information on Wavecom modems, web site can be useful to you.
    Please note that Wavecom is now known as Sierra Wireless AirPrime product line.
    To get the documents you're looking after, you'll need to open an account on the site, but it should be easy.
    Once you have your account, you can access to files related to your modem by the support+downloads sections.

    Please note that your account will also give access to Sierra Wireless Developer Forum, where you can find community of developper using Wavecom/AirPrime modems.
    You'll also access to Sierra Wireless Developer Zone, which have technical documents (like tutorials, how to's etc) and presentation on SierraWireless product solutions.

    Hope all of that can help you!
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