New build keeps shutting off!!!

HELP, please! My system keeps randomly shutting off. There's no stuttering or error before, it just shuts off as if I hit the main power switch on the back of the power supply. When I go to turn it back on, I notice the motherboard's green power LED is not on. It randomly came back on after the first shut down, but not now. I installed a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1600 and the base drivers (so i can use it with Media Center). Everything with that has been working fine, though.

Here are my system specs:

Intel Core i7 920 @2.67 GHz
6 GB Tripple Channel DDR3 @1066 MHz (OCZ platinum)
Ultra X3 1000 Watt Power Supply
Western Digital Caviar Black 640 GB hard drive

Is it my power supply?
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    Full specs please.

    Case &fans

    Have you also monitored for heat?

    Real Temp

    While the X3 is the top of the line Ultra model, the company has been getting a poorer rep lately. Could be the PSU.

    Then again there are other things to rule out, including a short on or under your MB, overheating, space aliens (damn them anyway, they stole my cat).
  2. 1> Is the power cable loose? Do you have another power cable you could swap out?

    2> Where is the power cable plugged into? A wall, surge supressor or UPS?
    It could be a failing or overtaxed UPS or bad power coming from the wall.
  3. Case - Cooler Master Storm Sniper Mid-tower case
    Two 200 mm fans, two 120 mm fans

    GPU - 4870X2

    MOBO - Intel DX58SO Motherboard

    A Pioneer DVD drive

    And I've been monitoring temperature with RealTemp. My CPU hasn't gone above 35 C since I installed my Cooler Master V8 last week. The motherboard temperature and ambient temperatures were around 32 C when I checked the bios last.

    How will I know if it's the motherboard being shorted? Will too much experimentation with causing it to turn off damage my motherboard/components?

    It's plugged into a surge protector along with my monitor, printer, speakers, modem, and router
  4. You could breadboard the build, as linked and described here:

    You might want to check the MB temp(s) as well though. HWMonitor should get you those and that would rule out an overheating chipset.

    It really does sound more like a power issue though. PSU, modular cables, external power cable, AC power at wall.

    In fact, you should inspect both ends of the modular cables for scorching too.
  5. Oh lawd :o, this sounds like trouble. The BIOS had motherboard temperature at around 32.

    I guess I'll read this breadboarding guide.
  6. I couldn't turn my computer back on until I disconnected the power cord from the surge protector and power supply and then reconnected it. Just FYI. Does this confirm power supply?
  7. It sounds as if circuit protection in the PSU is being triggered... beyond that I can't say. Swapping out the PSU would be the best way to test.
  8. Swap out the power cord and surge protector, either of those could be damaged.
  9. Okay, I'm using a Corsair HX1000 now and everything's fine. Hopefully, it will stay that way. Thanks for the help. If all goes well, you won't see me back in this thread, lol!
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