What is wrong with my 2500k?

My Temps using Speedfan and Real Temps, on OC setting for 4.0 ghz with 1600mhz ram. *Note have side panel open with only top and front 200m, no rear or bottom as of yet.

My major problem is on load my cpu temps were nearing 69-70... and my voltage for CPU is set at 1.6 voltz, I have read that is it unsafe for the voltages to be that high? I have a Asrock p67 Extreme 4 Gen 3 motherboard. Also anothing thing that is weird is that my BIOS states my CPU temps at much higher than speedfan of Real temps show them as.
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  1. Where does it say the core voltage is 1.6v? Have you adjusted the core voltage from default? I see in your Speedfan panel that the "Vcore" (that's the main voltage number you want to pay attention to) is 1.00v, I am assuming that is being read at idle. I see also that in the Real Temp panel, the max core temps were in the high 90's at one point, you definitely want to avoid that. Your idle temps are also a bit high, they should be in the high 20's to low 30's on average (some report low 20's with that processor and a decent air cooler), not mid-high 30's. What cooler are you using?

    .....yes, I believe 1.6v for the core voltage, if you are indeed running with that, is dangerous to your processor, if not immediately, than certainly longer-term damage. Supposedly, for the i5, Intel states the processor is operating "outside specifications" if the core voltage is ~1.5v or so (not sure of the exact number).

    How are you setting the core voltage?

  2. The Heatsink was rattling slightly at first, also I put too much thermal paste, I took out the heatsink red did the thermal paste and reattached the hsf tighter this time. Temps dropped. Currently OCed to 4.0ghz with 1600 16gb ram and 1.3 core volt. This is with only the top and front 200m fans, I'm still waiting for my exhaust and bottom fans so only have two atm. I'm using a coolermaster hyper N 520.
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