Help me decide on new Video Card! Pretty lost

thinking of upgrading my BFG Tech 8800GTS card for something better. I was thinking of a g200 series card but I really do not know which one would suit me best. i have a budget of around 300 USD and I may actually have to upgrade my psu if I get a card that eats up a lot more juice than my current 8800 GTS. Any suggestions welcome! And btw does anyone know when the new g300 nVidia cards come out? should I wait to get those instead? Thanks!
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  1. For $300 USD the 5850 is the best card you can get. It generally uses a low amount of power, but higher, I'm sure, than your 8800. Not to mention all the benefits of DX11, Eyefinity, and other newer techs.
  2. ^+1 what he said
  3. that sounds like a good card, is there a particular brand or model or anything on newegg that would be good? I have no experience with ati cards
  4. no they r all the same much of a much-ness sapphire is ok, asus gigabyte
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