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hi guys! i was just surfing newegg and the first thing that caught my eye were the vga coolers. i found out that zalman coolers had a lot of good reviews and its good for the aesthetics of the pc too. i own a inno3d GTX 550 Ti and m planning to buy a zalman cooler for it. but are there any? i couldn't find one for the modern cards. and, follow up question, what difference does it make compared to my stock. does it increase wattage requirements of the card? does it increase my chances of doing higher overclocking? do you have alternatives to the zalman coolers? i need your opinion guys. looking forward to them. thanks. :D
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  1. You don't need a cooler for a 550TI. Even O/C'ed I doubt you could even reach GTX 560 levels of performance.
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