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Hi, I'm looking for a 2 or 3 TB External Hard Drive that uses USB 3.0. I don't like the Western Digital My Book since it comes loaded with WD Smartware and it's impossible to remove. What do you guys recommend? Thanks
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  1. You can disable / hide smartware; it does not eat up your expensive disk capacity because it is in the firmware (?)
  2. I agree about the WD not-so-smart software - I hate that I have to download software to disable (not delete) that stuff. That's why I suggest you go for the GoFlex desktop unit from Seagate. They are available in several interfaces, including USB3.

    One thought - if you can use smaller drives, another option is a pair of 1.5TB GoFlex 2.5" drives. They have the advantage of not requiring a wall-wart, so they can be used anywhere or anywhen :)
  3. Thanks. That's exactly what I did, I bought the 3 TB Seagate GoFlex USB 3.0 External Hard Drive. Some backup software came on the drive so I formated it, all the software is gone and it works great now!
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