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i want to hook my PC to my sony bravia HDTV and also use the TV's speakers.....My pc has a Nvidia 9800gt which has only two dvi i used DVI-HDMI adapter for connecting them and used a 3.5mm jack cable to connect the audio out of the sound card to the tv.....The problem is that the video is perfect but i dont have any audio....but when i disconnect the HDMI cable the audio come up when i reconnect the hdmi cable the audio goes seems i cant have both at the same time....but when connect the TV an PC using RGB i can have both audio and video but the video quality is very low compared to the HDMI one....Please render ur thoughts on this...Help me out...

P.S...My tv has two separate Connection for the 3.5mm audio is in combo with the VGA/PC slot and the other in combo with the HDMI 1 slot....
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  1. I think you can choose whether you output HDMI with audio or not. See if there is an option on your card or the tv.
  2. i checked em both and no luck.....the TV assumes that the HDMI connection brings audio and refuses to take audio form the 3.5mm jack....I checked the tv manual and it specifically calls for the HDMI 1 slot use with devices using audio i.e., my pc
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    Well what we need is the sound card you have and the motherboard.

    The reason why you can only get 1 or the other is because HDMI needs both video and audio running on the same cable. If your motherboard / video card came with an audio loop then what you need to do is connect this loop to either your sound card or motherboard audio port and conneted it to you video card. this will solve all you problems.
  4. I have recently been thinking about buying the bfg 9800gt, and found out that it has a s/pdif input on it. Other forums that i have read said that you can connect your sound card (assuming it has a s/pdif out on it) or directly from the motherboard to the video card. That way you can get audio in the hdmi cable. But i have also read that some dvi to hdmi adapters do not support audio through to the hdmi. I have also read that you may have to switch were the audio comes from in the bios, like in stead of from onboard and from sound card.

    I am still very new to this as i have yet to install any video cards. I do plan on getting the 9800gt for xmas but requires more funding, for now im going to get the hd 4350 that requires no adapter, no s/pdif, no power supply and supports 7.1 audio all throught the hdmi.

    Again im still new to all this, hope i helped a little, this is the same problem i am hoping to advoid when i do get the 9800gt (my tv cant have audio input unless it hdmi with audio, or composite video /audio, component video/audio. i have no mini audio in.) that is weird the problem you are having, you would think that would work.
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