Need a good micro atx psu

I have a HP Pavilion a6245n

Socket: lga 775
CPU: Q6600
RAM: 8 gb DDR2-800
GPU: 9800gtx+
SATA: HDD 320 gb, 1.5 tb, 2 tb drive and a dvd burner with light scribe

I am looking for a good micro atx psu with at least 6 sata connectors because I have a ton of hdds and eventually I want to put 6 2 tb drives in it. And I want 2 6 pin pci-e connectors so I can take my thermaltake power express 5.25 vga psu out of the bay and put my 2 tb in its place. Any suggestions?
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    I have a similar hp compaq case, and can use any atx ps I choose. I recommend you get on newegg's email list and wait a couple of days for after xmas specials. The corsair 750w is about $90 after rebate; it's an excellent ps. You have to register to get on their list, and it takes a couple of days to activate, so do it now.
  2. O1die is correct. A standard atx power supply should fit.

    Your motherboard is a micro-atx board manufactured by Asus for HP. The Asus equivalent of that board is Asus model P5K-VM.

    Case Dimensions (w x d x h) 175 x 414 x 387 mm
    That works out to about 6.88 x 16.29 x 15.23 inches

    atx standard power supply dimensions (w x h ) 140 x 86mm. Length from front to back can vary.
    That works out to about 5.51 inches x 3.38 inches.
    Overall dimensions would be just a little bit more.
  3. Holy crap! Your right! The psu in there is a atx!!!! I went on this forum a little over a year ago when I got the 9800gtx+ and someone said an atx wouldn't fit. Why I didn't open the case and measure it right then I don't know, usually I don't miss things like that! I spent 80 bucks on a 5.25 bay psu I never needed. That corsair 750w was a hell of a find by the way, just what I needed at a good price. Thanks for the help guys I appreciate it!!!
  4. all together now

    whoever made you get a bay psu was an idiot
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