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Hello Guys.My system specifications are -
AMD Athlon II X4 620 Propus @ 3.23 Ghz
XFX GTS 250 1gb
M2N68AM PLUS motherboard
660 Gb HD (160gb and 500gb)
2 side fans
I currently have 450w normal psu.I live in India and I have come across three PSU"s Zebronics ZEB 600w, Zebronics Pro 500 and Zebronics RED POWER ZEB 500w.So my question is which one should I prefer.
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  1. Are there any other PSU aside from those? I advice you to invest and buy PSUs only from certified manufacturers.

    For your system, a Corsair CX400 would suffice.
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    Mudit Sathe said:
    So my question is which one should I prefer.

    None of the above. Zebronics are one short step above junk.
  3. eeewwww......

    If you want a good stable system then ditch the thoughts of getting a Zebronics PSU .It is as good as your current PSU.

    Your best option is Corsair 400CX as suggested above.Its price is Rs 3100.

    If budget is really a big problem then get Gigabyte Superb 460W for Rs 2200.

    No PSU cheaper than this one is recommended.
  4. Earlier this year we had several other threads asking about Zebronics power supplies. A little research revealed they are low budget, low quality power supplies of questionable performance and value.

    Luckily the GTS250 does not require a lot of power. here is a link to a technical review with a chart showing total power consumption for a pc system with a GTS250 video card:,2172-10.html

    If available, the Corsair CX400 would be an appropriate choice. Corsair has a reputation for high quality psu's. They consistely earn high marks in technical reviews. They are stable and reliable. In the USA they come with a 5 year warranty.
    The warranty period may be different in your country.
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