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Hey guys new here. ihave a problem i just recently added some parts to my rig. Here is the specs. Pentium D 3ghz processor(Core 2 Duo on the way) 3 gigs of DDR2 ram 2x1 gig sticks and 2x512mb 80gb HD HD ATI Radeon 4670 1 gig unknown psu doesnt say :/ running XP service pack 3.. on less than high settings i get 40 fps in town i get 9 FPS... Is my rig not good enough?Or whats the problem what can i do?
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  1. CPU bottleneck, the massive FPS drop when there are lots of people around that need to be kept track of indicates that its CPU related, try lowering the graphics settings and see if it improves a bit, if it doesnt then it confirms the CPU being the bottleneck.
  2. awesome i will try that now... but will my new cpu increase my fps in game?
  3. Yeah, the Pentium D's werent very good, the Core2Duos are quite a bit better.
  4. ok i tryed loww setting s no difference... my core 2 duo is on the way will it help my fps alot? or is my brand new card not that good?
  5. If you tried low settings and it didnt improve at all that means that it is a completely CPU based bottleneck. Which C2D did you get, no matter what one it should help quite a bit. The 4650 should be plenty for Aion.
  6. i got this one right here.... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115037

    i hope its pretty good for gaming
  7. That should give you a big boost especially in that minimum FPS.
  8. one last question... never installing a cpu before how much trouble would i have installing it?? will i need to apply thermal grease? or is this one good just applying heatsink and fan?
  9. It will come with a little instruction booklet, just follow that. I believe the 775 heatsink comes with thermal paste preapplied, so it should just be a matter of pulling off the plastic cover, putting the heatsink on, pressing and twisting the push pins so that they are locked into place.

    If you follow the little instruction book it should be easy.
  10. ok i will try it haha thank you so much for the help
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