Are there any controllable LED fans and fan controller for LED fans?

Got a Cooler Master HAF ATX full tower case, i like the little on off button on it that allows me to control the led in the 230mm fan in the front using a button and a 2 pin plug on top of the regular 3 pin power plug for the fan. Does anyone know of any fans being sold with LEDs using a similar device but using 200mm fans?
Or does anyone know of any fans with controllable LEDs and a controller for em or a full fan controller that will allow me to control the LED? Im interested in adjusting the LED since i already have plenty of fan controllers, i could technically control the LED with those i believe but it would turn off the fan if it turned off the LED.
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  1. You're probably best looking at wiring the leds to a separate controller and using that to dim/blind as desired
  2. So im looking for some custom work then with some soldering and wires, can i use a regular fan controller with low voltage to control the LEDs?

    Maybe i should just scrap the multi LED idea since this seems like its gonna be a hassle.

    Ive heard leaving computers on can be good for computers since turning them on and off wears at the computers. Im thinking that sounds kinda BSy to me. Have u guys heard about this and do u leave ur computers on, in sleep mode, or just turn em off at the end of the day?
  3. Yes, I'd advise using a fancontroller to dim them, but you will have to wire the leds to a separate one from the fans,
    Personally I switch off, a lot just use sleep though
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