Multiple win 7 installs few questions please

I ordered a 1.5 Tb WD Hard drive so I could do a fresh install of windows 7 and then move over my stuff from my old 500 gb hard drive, and then have it as extra space later.

Now when I turn on my computer it has two options of windows 7 like this.

Windows 7
Windows 7

Ok so recently I moved everything over and went to disk management and formatted the disk again as you will be able to see in the supplied screen shoot.

My question is the "system reserved" that is on my disk 1 (my old 500 gb hd) the reason the windows 7 is showing up as a choice when I start up? Can I reformat the system reserved on my old hd or is it needed for my computer to boot into the right drive? my new C:

I'm basicly trying to get rid of the second windows 7 boot option since it is empy and doesn't even have win 7 installed but still shows up, and wondering if I can grab that extra free space.

Thanks, Cole

Here's the link to Drive Management Image.
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  1. What I would do is (1) disconnect the old 500 gig HDD and (2) reinstall windows, Then after installation is complete reconnect the old HDD. Make sure Bios boot prioity is set to new HDD. This is the Recommend way of installing windows to a new HDD.

    This should get rid of the Dual boot showing up. Now you can still select which HDD to Boot to by using the Function key that brings up which HDD to boot to (F12 on my Gigabyte MBs and F11 on My new Asrock MB). Once you are "happy" with the Windows installation on the new HDD then just use Windows Disk management to reformat the old HDD.

    Added: Might swap your data cables - When you disconnect the old HDD, move data cable from New HDD to Port 0. when completed and you reattach old HDD plug it into Sata Port 1.
  2. Dang I just got done moving everything over to the new hard drive too, lol. No way to do this without having to reinstall? If not i'm not losing much hd space anyways right?

    p.s. I'm not sure but because the other hard drive is a different sata 6g ports?
    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R is the motherboard.
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    I think there is a way to fix this, it's just that I recommend the reloading of the Operating system at this point.

    PS Once you have windows 7 working (With Programs installed) on the new HDD, Use The Windows backup to create a image of the C drive. If you ever need to redo, you can use the image file and this is much simpler than reloading windows and reinstalling programs. NOTE: recommend you partition the new HDD during installation, make "C" drive 200->400 Gigs. then use the rest of the HDD ("D") for all the files/data you create.
  4. Thanks I might pm you with some more questions if you don't mind? Thanks for all the help.
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  6. Ok, so on the note so before I uninstall everything and redo this.
    I don't quite understand what you mean on the note.
    When you refer to C are you talking about the 1.5 tb? or the 500 gb?
    I'm assuming your saying to basicly use the 500gb as the windows install.
    And install everything else on the 1.5tb?
  7. I was assumming that you wanted the 1.5 Tb drive to be the Boot drive and the50Gig driv to be a extra data drive - which is what I would do. With this you would end up with Drive0, the 1.5 TB drive with a 200->400G partition for Win 7 and Program = C Drive. The remainder of the drive would be your D drive for your data and files. The 500 Gig drive would become your E drive and after that would come any cd/dvd drives. (Most of my systems the dvd and blu-ray drives are like letter I and J - o'well.

    OK, why the 200 -> 400 partition on 1.5 Gig Drive for win 7. (A) The drive is faster and (B) havinf only a 400 gig partition ensures that all of the operating system files and program files are and will stay on the outer edge of the platters where reading/writting is faster.

    ON drive letters. The only letter that will be for sure is "C" drive. The other letters may appear "screwed" up, but can be re-lettered using windows disk management.

    Here is a worst case deal and how to fix it. Drive0 Boot drive = C, Drive1 Still has a boot sector until you delete and reformat and don't recommend doing until stastfied with New windows. so MAY show up as D or E. DVD drive may show up as D or E, Drive0 2nd partition could show up as F.
    To Fix:
    Go to Disk management, right click (Start with DVD drive) select change drive letter - change to G (Can just leave it as G, even if you do not have an F). Then select change your other two drives and change to what you want. disregaurd WARNING ALL SH&*&*^&^&(&( will happen LOL.
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