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Amd 945deneb c3 95w overclock. is this okay?

I have been trying to overclock my phenom II 945 3.0ghz for awhile and anytime I push past 3.2ghz it crashes. Well I run my memory at 1600mhz, its 12GB DDR 3 G.Skill so after reading it hundred times I decided to put it down to 1333mhz. I did not touch the timings of 9-9-9-24 so any suggestions there would be helpful, also here is a link to the sticks I have, as well as a link to my mobo: [...] 6820231193 ----OLD RAM [...] 6820231314 -----NEW RAM
Mobo: Asus M4A78T-E

My main question is about voltage these are the voltages I am going to try for the 3.4Ghz overclock (I have after market cooler)and also do you recommend changing any other voltages for this. As well what speed should my HT be at? Last question taking my Ram down in speed to increase the CPU peformance wise is it worth it? thanks in advance....

CPU Voltage: stock set 1.275 Adjusting to: 1.3
CPU/NB Voltage: 1.2 stock
Dram voltage: 1.5 stock
NB voltage: 1.10 stock
Sb voltage: 1.20 stock
HT voltage: 1.20 stock
VDDA voltage: 2.5 stock
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  1. raise vcore at 1.32 - .134 depend on you chip also .. test it
  2. Okay its a deneb so no unlocked cores like a black addition so i cat just increase the multiplier.
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    I had my Phenom II 945 C2 stepping processor overclocked to 3.5GHz. I adjusted my RAM at around I think 1400MHz. I've since moved on to a different processor, however I believe my OC settings were similar to this:

    FSB: 238
    CPU Voltage: 1.48v
    NB Frequency: 2350MHz
    NB Voltage: 1.2v
    RAM: 1452Mhz
    RAM Voltage: 1.66v

    I believe I left all other setting to "auto", I'm thinking your volts are just a little low.
  4. Okay thanks there were I was the most nervous t.b.h I've been getting it steady at 3.2ghz so hopefully that will fix it, only other thing is taking my ram to 1333mhz, I try taking the timings down from 9-9-9 to 7-7-7 and it blue screened. Do you think running at 3.2 or 3.4 with the ram at 9-9-9-24 1333mhz ddr, is going to be better still than leaving processor at 3.0 stock and ram at 1600mhz ?
  5. IMO, there isn't a real significant difference between 1333MHz and 1600MHz although I'm sure lots a people think other wise, so take that with a grain of salt lol. I never changed my timings manually. If you can get a stable 3.4GHz on that chip I think that would be pretty acceptable, you can probably play with the memory but just remember that cpu won't support any above 1600MHz so keep under that and you should be fine.
  6. Quote:
    just set the RAM to XMP profile and leave it at that, that's all I do.

    XMP was an intel thing, were would I get the profile for to use with my cjhip? Also your NB volts or CPU/NB volts? I have both options in the bios so just double checking
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