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Hello Everyone,

I have recently been hired to manage some computers at a local school, and everything has been going pretty good. I came up with an idea to create an image and put it as the desktop/wallpaper for all of the computers, so they are all uniform. So I went onto Photoshop, and whipped a little something up. Then I copied the .jpg image into the standard file that saves all of the default wallpapers: C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper. In order to set it as the wallpaper, I just put it into the registry. The specific registry additions are here:

[HKEY_USERS\c\Control Panel\Desktop]
"ConvertedWallpaper Last WriteTime"=-


Then, in order to "lock" the wallpaper so no students could change it, I added this to the registry:



These modifications to the registry worked fine on most of the desktops, but on the laptops I'm getting that white screen with the desktop recovery information.

Does anyone have and idea as to what the problem is?

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  1. Did you forget to copy file to the laptops ?
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