Bought zalman 9700 off ebay, will it fit an am3 socket ?

do I need to buy one of these just in case it won't fit ?

Do I even need it ?

This is the item I won - look at the pictures, will that fit an am3 quad CPU ?
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  1. According to Zalman

    The cooler does support AM3 with the retention bracket included.. Looking at the pictures on ebay it seems the cooler comes with the necessary bracket.
  2. but the man in only inclkuding one bracket ,

    and said he used it with an intel ??

    what is that for anyway ?? the back or the front ??

    Can I install this without removing my motherbaord ?

    Click the link then in the new window click "Socket AM2/.... "

    I would imagine AM3 installation is the same.
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