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Corsair A70

Hey i made another post else where on the forums, but my question is the A70 a good CPU cooler. The installation for AMD CPU's are very simple, kinda like to stock heat sinks they come with. I just wanted to know others experience with it seeing how i only see reviews from new egg ( Which they look really good)
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  1. From what I heard it's pretty good for a price . it goes on amazon pretty cheap.
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    I have an A70 cooling my i5 760 and i recommend it.
    It cools slightly better then a 212+ but costs about the same and has dual fans.
    I replaced a 212+ with the A70.
  3. Thanks Davcon, i ordered mine earlier from Egg. maybe it will be here soon. My idle temps are just un believeable. Usually i idle at 40c somtimes 36 if its cool enough. but since i put the new FX 6100 i idle at 47C. lowest i see is maybe 45. I am using Artic Silver 5. Some of the best thermal compound out there
  4. I am loving this new cooler. Not only has it kept my CPU cool but it keeps my GPU cool as well by extracting air way faster than the old fans were doing
  5. Nice. What r ur temps?
  6. Well before they were at 51 load and 45 ot 57 at idle. and now i see 31 to 34 as my idle temp (Just depends on how cool my room temps can be) and my load temps never go over 40 (Mostly 39). And my GPU temps.....well lets just say it runs cooler now to!
  7. Hm what cpu u got? And what clock?
  8. Its the FX 6100 6-core 95w. clocked at stock, 3311 from what my System Monitor tells me. I'm wondering if i need to over clock it in the future. what a good frequency would be thats stable for it
  9. Not sure but should be good ocer. Only will heat up alot
  10. why cause its 95w?
  11. now cause it draw a lot of watts when oced
  12. Oh yea, well i have seen a few people overclock this one without changing the volts hardly at all and it stays stable
  13. Nice. Good luck
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  15. Thanks Davcon and Chemist, i look forward to hearing from you again. thanks for the support. you both were very helpful. If i could i'd give both of you gold awards!
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