AHCI Mode Won't Boot

I apologize if this is the wrong section to post this in, but it seemed appropriate.

I recently installed vista 64 on my laptop (from vista 32) and AHCI was enabled on my bios and I ran on my 32bit system fine! After the install i can't get it to work on AHCI mode, only on compatibility mode... I would like to get everything to work properly, but i'm not really sure where to go here?? The computer will basically restart every time windows tries to load up.

Is there a service i need to enable or a driver i need??

It's already updated to sp2 and everything runs great, but i would like the added benefit of AHCI.
Thank you for your help!!

Toshiba Satellite L305d-S5868
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  1. Sorry guys, new to the forum... I need to use the search button!!

    Figured it out here

  2. just go to your BIOS setting and change from AHCI to ATA and i hope everything will be fine
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