Irql_not_less_or_equal now wont reboot and monitor stays Black

once my screen went blue with the above message title,,I tried a restart but monitor stays black,,I tried putting a the HP Pavilion recover disk,,but nothing seems to happen as under normal restart you can hear the HDD activate and run its test and see the monitor screen show the startup process, but now Its silent,,the cd light flashes with the recovery disk in but Im not sure its even getting past its initial test and reboot process,,How can you fix an error you can no longer see,,could it be a dead cmos/bios battery or a memory module failure? thanks any help will be greatly appreciated,,im at JRFX@LIVE.COM
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  1. Well, IRQL BSOD's are typically either due to bad drivers or bad RAM. If the PC isn't booting, its more likely to be bad RAM. It is possible you have another HW failure though, but for the time being, see if you can boot memtest86 off a USB stick.
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