Computer will not Post or Display video

Hello, I recently built a new system with the following components:

Rosewill RV300 300W ATX12V Power Supply
AMD Athlon II X2 240 Regor 2.8GHz 2 x 1MB L2 Cache Socket AM3 65W Dual-Core Processor
ECS Black Series A785GM-M AM3 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
OCZ Special Ops 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333
Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive
LG 22X DVD±R DVD Burner Black SATA

After connecting all of the components and making sure everything was connected properly I powered up the the system and nothing was displayed on the screen. Everything inside seemed to be functioning properly (all fans were spinning, optical drive works, hard drive spins) its just that I am not getting any video output. I get debug codes on the little led that is on the motherboard of "C7" and "d5", which I do not have a clue what they mean. I was just wandering if any of you can help me figure out what is going wrong here? Is too small of a power supply or could it be the ram? I don't have a clue on how to go about solving this problem so any help would be great. Thanks.
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  1. The first thing to do is check the back of your motherboard owners manual to see what the "C7" and "D5" BIOS codes mean. The next thing is to go through EVERY step in this checklist. The checklist was created to troubleshoot your exact problem. #2 on the checklist is the most common mistake.
  2. The problem is that the manual does not tell what any of these codes mean. I also went through all of the steps on the checklist besides taking about the motherboard and assembling it on a desk.
  3. Your PSU is absolute junk. It's sure not going to contribute to a stable system. So your sure both the 24-pin motherboard power connector and 4-pin CPU power connectors are both plugged in? Did you try each stick of RAM by itself in the first RAM slot? Are you using the correct RAM slots? Did you use a standoff under each hole in the motherboard? Are you sure there aren't any extra standoffs that don't line up with a hole in the motherboard? Do you have a system speaker installed so you can hear the BIOS beep codes? Your motherboard manual should have a table at the back that lists all the BIOS error codes.

    All these questions are also in the checklist. Most people coming here asking for help with your problem SAY they've read the checklist, but few actually perform each step. If you really have gone through each step, the next thing to do would be to breadboard the system to rule out a short. If that doesn't work, you may be dealing with DOA hardware.
  4. Ok, that is the next step I am going to try and will post my results. I have a feeling however that it might be my power supply, as I think it is not giving out enough power to the system to boot. Thanks, again for your help and hopefully we can get this thing fixed.
  5. Ok, I took out my motherboard and just tested it by itself with the cpu and it did beep 3 times. I then put in a stick of ram and it did not beep. Is it sapposed to beep again? Since it didn't beep, does that mean my ram is bad?
  6. Did you try both sticks of RAM by themselves while breadboarding the system?
  7. Yeah, I tried both sticks and niether of them worked.
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