9600GT worse score than 8600GT in Win7

Hi all,

Got a strange one for you. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate RC (build 7100), and up til now was running an ASUS 8600GT (256mb memory) PCI-E. My retail Home Premium should be arriving any day now.

Today, I purchased and installed a GainWard 9600GT PCI-E with 1Gb memory as a replacement.

My Windows Experience score dropped from 5.1 and 5.3 to 4.9 and 4.9.

I know some people place no stock in this index score, but I'm sure you can understand my curiosity.

I installed the 191.07 drivers in case it was a driver issue but no improvement.

Could it be because of existing (Microsoft supplied) drivers left over? Would a clean install improve these scores?

Another thing about the new card - the box says I need a power connector from the PSU, but the card has NO visible connection for such a connector, and runs fine without extra support from the PSU. Am I missing something, or have they got it wrong on the box?

I consider myself reasonably savvy with hardware and software, but this has me stumped more out of shock than anything else, and would welcome any information, and even if I am not the only one to see this result after an UPGRADE of hardware.

Thank you all.
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  1. The 8600GT and 9600GT are not the same card. The 9600 GT should be about twice a powerful as the 8600GT. The 9600GT is not a simple rebranding like the 8800GT to 9800GT was.

    I cannot explain the OPs original question about the lower performance with the 9600GT unless it is a driver issue or the card is not getting enough power due to the lack of the 6 pin connector.
  2. Are you sure there isn't a little black six pin plug on the back? Could you post the exact model of your card? Though, if you say there isn't one, I'll believe you. I doubt it would have booted if it had one and you didn't plug it in. There is no way to avoid the Windows drivers installing first, otherwise you would not get video to start with! A full reinstall when you get your official version of the OS never hurts though. Make sure to download and install the latest chipset then video drivers for your system. Also, Win7 scores are still a bit screwy. In the HD section, two drives in RAID score the same as one normal drive alone. I would not trust them. Test your card out with something like 3DMark06 or a real game to get a true test of its power.

    Edit: and yes, it is quite possible the box is wrong. As many of their other 9600GT's need the six pin, this was an easy mistake for them to make. A had an AMD processor with completely wrong specs on the box before, but the chip was correct.
  3. Thanks for the replies - I scoured the card for such a connector for several minutes and there definately isn't one. The exact model is the GainWard 9600GT 1gb part number ne29600tfhd01-pm8g94.
    The manual (which I DID read) seems to cover a range of cards and has a bit saying "skip to step 8 if you are installing a Gainward graphics adapter without an extra power connector", and no supplementary power cable was supplied either. I have a feeling that the box is a more generic one, although when I went to Gainwards site, they listed 2 9600GT 1024mb entries in their dropdown list.
    I suspect (and would like to think) that a clean OS may make a difference - I was more curious than anything, and I'd like to thank all those who responded.
    This may also act as a warning to those who are misled by fancy boxes and false claims, so I hope this helps someone in return. Here's hoping my retail Win7 arrives soon. Best wishes to all.
  4. here's an interesting thing just to finish - I searched for the part number, and almost ALL the entries were for Palit versions, no mention of Gainward. Why am I suddenly confused?
  5. I had a 512MB Gainward card which definitely had a connector. Why the 1GB card would not is beyond me. Are you sure it isn't covered by a sticker? I couldn't find the connectors for my GTX275 for a bit either because of a sticker. :lol:

    As for the part numbers, Palit is the OEM for Gainward, Galaxy, XpertVision as well as their own Palit-branded cards.
  6. Thanks for clearing up the query - I'll check again, but I'm certain it isn't there.
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