Setting up Tj Max value in Real Temp 3.4


I have a Q8400 processor. and as I can remember Tj Max is around 71C for it. But the default value of Tj Max of Real temp is 100. When I set is as 71 in real temp it displays CPU temperature values sometimes even lower than the ambient temperature. It can't be possible.


And with 100% ( when Tj Max is set as 100 in real temp)load one core heats around 77 C and others go around 66 C. Is it possible for a one core to heat 10 C more than the other cores when all the cores are working at 100% ?

please explain this. Thank you

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  1. Anybody Please
  2. Yes, it is possible, and it is not good. It could mean that the cooler is not seated properly or the thermal paste isn't evenly and thinly applied across the entire chip.
  3. uhmm i think somethings wrong here, i have the same processor but my max temps are 52C, 42C, 48C, 48C maybe because i used OCZ freeze thermal compund since the beginning, i never thought temps could go this high on that stock compund
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