RAM wont work

Hi guys,
i have just upgraded some of the components in my computer. New rig is as follows

Gigabyte GA-X48_DS5
Intel E8500
Kingston HyperX 2x 2gb @1066 MHz
Gigabyte GTX 285
Gigabyte ODIN GT 800 watts
5oogb sata 2 hdd
1tb sata 2 hdd
Pioneer DVD-rw 22x speed

when i went to boot up after installing new parts, my computer would run for 10 seconds then turn off then reboot and run for 10 seconds then turn off again. after trying every thing i found out that is was the ram behaving badly. i have some cheap Kingston 800 that i put back in and it booted with no problems.

I would really like to keep this ram if i can but if it has to go it will for something that will work.

Any help will be appreciated,

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Does it let you go to the BIOS ? if it lets you,then go to the BIOS and set your RAM's timings/speed/voltages manually.
    If it didn't help try testing your RAMs one by one and see if it works fine with any of the sticks or not
  2. Did you verify that your memory model is on the mobo's QVL?
  3. hmm i don't think that's the reason because there are lot's of RAMs which aren't in a motherboard's QVL list but they will work fine
  4. I tried it it different slots, different combination and still nothing. and no i cant get in to the BIOS as the monitor picks up no signal
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