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Can any Radeon 6870s do tri or quad crossfire?

Hi I was wondering if the 6870 is capable of tri and/or quad crossfire. I've read reviews of one or two 6700 cards that could do quad crossfire but it was implied that this was the choice of the cards manufacturers, not a default option and I was wondering if the 6870 can do more than dual card crossfire even if only a minority of 6870s can do it.

I also wanted to know how close in performance two 6870s are to a single 7970.

EDIT: After much web searching I have found that dual GPU 6870s can be quad crossfired together.
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  1. After much internet searching I have found that dual 6870 video cards can be crossfired together to get a quad crossfire solution with 6870s. has two such 6870x2 cards for sale right now.
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    You can also do triple crossfire with one dual 6870 card and a single 6870 card. Problem is that the dual 6870 cards all only have 1GB of RAM per GPU so even though those cards are about as fast as the Radeon 7970 in some games at some settings they fail to perform well when they run out of RAM. Unfortunately they can run out of RAM long before they run out of GPU horsepower so they really can't be used in situations that would have made good use of all their speed.

    Triple crossfire is shown to reduce micro-stuttering tremendously so it has it's uses in low quality settings where you want high frame rates and smooth gameplay cheaper than the more high end dual GPU setups offer. Three 6870 GPUs can outperform the high end dual GPU solutions while using between slightly less and significantly less power.

    However, there are other problems besides the limitation to medium resolutions and settings like 1080p and lower on the triple and quad crossfire 6870s. One large problem is compatibility in games because some games don't work well with them if at all.

    Have a look at this article where Tom's reviewed dual 6870 cards crossfired with a single 6870 for triple crossfire and crossfired two dual 6870s for quad crossfire. Tom's did a pretty thorough look into these cards and the problems associated with multi-GPU set ups here:,2995-15.html
  3. Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks for that info and the link.
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