Unable to play external Bluray writer/player

I am attempting to use my Matshita BD-CMB UJ141AL external writer/plater. When I open such I get Disc write protected. I am attempting to burn HD video from a captured file.
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  1. Stupid question - are you sure that this is supposed to write BD? I searched for the hardware myself to see if I could answer this, but I couldn't find the blessed thing.
  2. 8/22/2011 9:39 AM

    I thank you kindly for your assistance, greatly appreciated. I simply am sending this back and I have since got a LG External BE12LU30 Blu-ray Rewriter, which seems to be performing fine.
    I am new to this HD s/w (Cyberlink) which came with the burner. I have previously purchased NERO 10 Multimedia, Blu-ray HD software and seem to prefer that over the Cyberlink s/w. Do you have any preferences about these two applications? I recently purchased a Sony HDR FX-7 and I am quite pleased with the HD it captures.
    I will no doubt will have some future posts at this web site to assist me with the perfection of HD. All advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  3. NERO 10 Multimedia is my favorite of the bluray player sotware.I have corel windvd pro 2010 and it has issues with some bluray discs.
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