Can i switch my hard drive from sata3 to sata6

I just bought a computer with a 64GB SSD i am using to accelerate my 2TB Caviar Black with intel smart response. The SSD is connected to my mobo in a sata3.0 slot, but my 2tb hd is connected in a sata2.0 slot. I just noticed that i have a free 3.0 slot, can i switch my 2tb drive to 3.0 without messing anything up? Yes, my caviar black is sata3.0 compatible. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. The Caviar Black can be moved, but you will not benefit from it. No current rotating-platter drive can saturate the SATA II throughput. They only put SATA III controllers on those HDDs because it's cheaper than making both SATA II and SATA III controllers.

    If you move it, you may have to fiddle around in the BIOS to make sure that the Black doesn't become your boot device.
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