ATi graphics question

I have a stock Gateway DX4200-09 Pc that will be running windows 7 in just a few days and I want to update my graphics.

I have decided to go with Ati but exactly what card is a much tougher decision.

I'm stuck between the 4770,4850,and the upcoming 5670

I know all these card are relatively the same price and performance

I know i will need a power supply and don't want to spend too much
Was looking at this

I need to keep the whole bundle (card and PSU) under 160 or close to it

HERE are my current specs

AMD phenom x4 9100e 1.8 quad
4gd ddr2 ram
640gb hard drive
300w PSU

Also a second question my MoBo is 780G chipset and I was wondering if has a pci-e x16 2.0 or 1.0 slot or if that even matters
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  1. HD4870 will be the best out of those cards. Not to mention it'll be $110 later down the road. ($125 now).
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    Umm... Yes, 1.0s are backward compatible, however its just slower. between them all. Get the 4850s they are the cheapest and best preformance. the 4770s on newegg are 110 at lowest but preform worse than the 4850s. the 4850s are only 99.99 on newegg but are faster and better. However the 4670s, probably if not worst better than the 4770. It's going to have the same bit-rate and DX11 has a long way to go before it goes a mainstream thing. So 4850s are your cheapest and best bet.
    The 4870s are good to though if you wanna pay the extra for it.

    NVM just checked again to. With that PSU this
    is the best bet for you. The 4870s. the cheap ones at least are going to push your budget cause the cheap ones are all 2x6 pins and the PSU your eyeing only has one.
  3. alright guys thanks for the help

    aznshinobi i like that card you linked too a very good deal.
    and if the pci 1.0 is slower, how much slower is it
    is it something i should be worried about?
  4. Umm It should be a bit slower, i don't know how much though, i've never ran it a card on the 1.0 PCI before so i'm not sure.
  5. Not all PCIE 1.0 are compatible with PCIe 2.0, take a look at the issues with the MSI and ASUS boards;

    Or just read the blur from PCI-SIG, the authority.

    However it doesn't affect 780G chipset which is 2.0; but in the future, research before answering because that general statement is actually wrong.
  6. O.o im sorry sir, i just researched it real quick. And on a different forums they said it did.
  7. so i do have a 2.0 slot?
  8. He's just trying to correct my little error, yes it'll work.
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