Core 2 quad Q9450 overclocking help


I have a core 2 quad Q9450 2.66Ghz
and a evga nforce 780i sli motherboard
6GB memory on 800mhz ddr2
patrist 2 * 2GB and otherone is micron 2GB
monitor: sumsung syncmaster 2443BW 24 inch
harddrive WDC 10000RPM 320Gb
PSU toughpower 700W 80PLUS silver.

i want to ask anyone help me overclocking
my cpu.
any damage will be my responsable.
and i just want to be stable at least 3.2GHZ
how can i check my gpu is running his
full permance on a pc ?
my voltage part in bios are all
automated set to Auto .
and i see the current setting in bios

CPU Core are set to 1.31V
my memory are set to 2.0V
CPU FSB are set to 1.3v
nForce SPP are set to 1.4V
nForce MCP 1.5V

and by the way. i somehow find that my gtx560 under perform
. is that any reason. seam i am on 1920* 1080 resolution
any thing on high on battelfield. i experience some lag
constantly. and sometime it works smooth.
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  1. Please anyone . please help
    me to set up the memory volage
    and my cpu core volage are so
    strange. when i set to 3.2GHZ.
    the memory speed go to 800MHZ
    but i thought i have unstable for my memory volage
    at 1.9GHZ

    no matter what i change . the window 7 always freeze.
    How to do that ? `
  2. i would said that no one qive me a reply . finally i try myself with 50 frezz . restart ,or more . i figure it out and successly overclocked to 3.4ghz . and my 3d mark 11 are P3502.
    i set the voltage to 1.5v for core Volage. and still remain 1.85hz for my memory volage .
    hope that help anyone. i didnot link memory with my cpu . and didnot overclock my meomory at all .
    and i set my memory at 400MHZ . that close to the FSB at 425MHZ. which is also 1:1ratio
  3. try to lower the vcore...1.5 is too high...
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    This should be your first stop.
    Core2 Overclocking Guide (generic guide based on an Asus motherboard)

    For your motherboard (BIOS's tend to be different):
    Look at the second set of screen shots (the top one labeled FSB and Memory Config).

    The FSB speed is 1333 MHz. That is really the stock FSB clock. Speed is 1/4 of that - 333 MHz. The nForce 600/700 BIOS is a little strange. You adjust the FSB clock, not the FSB freq.

    Set memory to Linked. Once you do that, you should see Memory speed drop to 667 MHz.

    The screen shot for the voltages show their maximum values. Do not go that high or you will fry something.

    So. Leave your memory timing on Auto. Set memory to Linked. For 3.0 GHz, FSB speed is 375 MHz, FSB clock is 1500 MHz MHz, and memory clock will be 750 MHz.

    These combinations will give you a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio and generally the best stability. Running the RAM faster gives little extra performance in a Core2 system.

    On my eVGA 680i board, running the memory Linked gave me a fair amount of instability, so I ran Unlinked and manually entered memory settings to let me run 1:1.

    Keep the CPU core voltage under 1.45 volts and your load temps under 70 C. Do not exceed 2.2 volts RAM voltage.
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  6. Thank you your help, i try that again to set my stable machine.
    it take me so long. i finally make
    i downclock to 3.4GHZ, seams 3.6GHZ
    is so hard for me to push on. and i can
    not find the stable .
    the vcore on 1.41v
    my fsb to 1.4v as well, but it is red.
    SPP are set to 1.45V
    MCP are set to 1.55v
    i using the prime95 to have a
    bend test of 10 hours without error
    i recoginze that my chip doesnot need
    a lot voltage, sorry about my stupid
    reply. it needs more FSB volt and MCP volt
    i just correct my mistake.
  7. :o your not gonna like this post because of the settings but it's the only way I got my processor q9450 up to over 3.9GHz stable game playable!

    These setting are working on my system but I have the best air cooler for my cpu which make's a huge difference! I suggest you guys get a cooler with at lest 10 to 12 heat pipes on lol

    Asus PQ5 Deluxe
    Dominater RAM 1066
    750w PSU
    RAID 0 3xHD
    2x HD4770 CF
    no case and lots of big fans

    settings are:

    core volts 1.344
    NB 1.50v
    SB Auto
    PLL 1.7v
    calibration enabled (for vdroop)
    Termination FSB 1.9v

    cpu ref 0.66
    NB Ref 0.63
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