Windows wont recognize more then 2 gb ram

I have been trying time and time again and have checked multiple forum answers but just cant figure out why windows will not recognize more then 2gbs of ram. I have 2 1 gigabyte sticks and 1 2gigabyte stick. I have tried just putting the 2 gb and the one gigabye together still only reads in windows as 2gb. I have also tried putting the lower one in the first slot as someone had mentioned some computers have trouble with 2 different ammounts of ram chips. I know my motherboard can handle up to 2gb per slot, I have gone to bios and the ram shows up in the memory menu. No matter which slots its in the ram shows up in bios but always says 2gb ram in windows. I keep restarting and trying new configurations but nothing seems to work.

I have ran cpu-z and the new 2gb ram chip is the exact same specifications as the previous 2 1gb chips. exactly the same hertz and latency and exactly the same voltage in all areas. Right now im only using 2 of the chips attempting to get 3gbs to work and it states im running in dual channel mode not sure if that matters/has anything to do with it.. im really at a loss I cant get it to recognize more then 2gb. please help. Do I just absolutely NEED the exact same type of card? i am running an older computer but its designed for expandability (Dell xps 600 desktop) and gaming so I would assume they wouldnt make it too complicated to add ram. I am using windows xp media center edition (SP3) 32bit pc. Any suggestions? please help
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  1. ive also already tried checking the max ram or whatever it is specifically in the boot.ini file (already set to no max)
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