How do i overclock ddr2 ram

I have 2 X !GB Corsair ( 266MHz ) memory sticks( PC2-4300 ), with FSB rated mobo of 533Mhz. Can I 'overclock' these modules, to improve performance, or should I replace them ? If so, with what ?
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  1. you can overclock these by increasing voltage slightly by .25 increments and decreasing your timing latencies by one number at a time for example if your RAM sticks are running at (9-9-9-27) if you decrease the latencies to say (8-8-8-24) your memory will run faster and also making sure your command rate is set to 1T,1T means 1 tick per memory cycle 2T which is slower but more stable means 2 ticks per cycle. These are just the basics of increasing memory speed and there are many other ways. I hope this was helpful,and btw Do Not attempt to upgrade your RAM before you know for sure exactly how many pins your RAM dimms are and whether or not your CPU and motherboard can support higher memory speeds the highest ddr2 Ram I believe is either 1066 or 1333, oh and don't try to put ddr3 ram in your ddr2 slots unless you plan frying your motherboard dimms.
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