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Hi there

Guess this is the place for the best possible advice when it comes to building a new pc. I'm sick and tired of this big box producing a massive amount of noise, heat and surely it consumes too much power too, so I want to build a small ITX machine, or smaller if the budget allows.

What I do and plan to do with it is the usual web-surfing, e-mail word-processing mainly and occasionally for downloading a movie, converting it, burning it to dvd.

I looked at the itx motherboards available in the pricerange I want to spend (60-90 euro) and there I find the celeron 220, Atom 230, 330, atom N270, D510 and Via V7.

So can anyone advice me as to which processor to choose, and maybe what mobo's to avoid. The choice is Jetway, MSI, Intel, Asus, Asrock, Gigabyte, Delock.

Main considerations are: Price, silence, low temp, low power consumption. Also I'ld like to have some advice on what kind of power unit I would need (60W. 90W, 120W or more?).

All suggestions and idea's are most welcome.
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  1. If you haven't seen it already, Silent PC Review is an excellent site for reviews of components for a silent PC build.
  2. Check this out its silent and they have fanless models. seems like the sell the fanless model mainly as a "medical pc" but im sure u can apply it to any pc application. anyone know if it has bluetooth or external usb?
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