Whats the Best Ram ?

Hey guys Im currently looking and researching parts for my new Build im Going with a Gigabyte 790fx-ud5
and will probably grab the AMD phenom II 965 x2 when it comes out =) (cant wait)
im not really knowledge able in RAM wat so ever i know a tiny little bit but im still noobish
i have considered;jsessionid=4BE17583F9FEE43E99F2799E3A28D1BE?productID=609813&tier1=36&tier2=170&tier3=5691&tier4=306&catType=group

Im considering OC in the future but not any time soon.
Also wondering some of the ram say required x58 boards or made for i7..........will these still work on my System ?
If you have other Ram Suggestions please do Tell all input and help is appreciated

BTW this build is sopose to last me at lease 3-5 years
and its mainly used for gaming hard core gaming =)
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    None of them, those kits of 6GB are for X58 mobos and i7 processors that support tri-channel, AMD mobos and processor only support dual-channel.

    This are a good option for you.
  2. Your choices are not correct. Those memories are tri-channel (X58 mobos). You must look for a Dual channel memory.
    Here you have a good option from Gskill:
  3. Ohhh I.c so I have to find duel channel sticks?? Not tri
    ok thanks I will try to find some and post up links spoon for your oppinion:)
  4. Yeah, the link of my post are 4GB RAM dual-channel. Are G.Skill and are very good.
  5. How do i know if they are duel channel or not ?? if they don't say
    Umm soo them g.skill u recommend them ??
  6. Yeah, the G.Skill.

    Now, you can know if the RAM is dual channel or tri channel with the number of sticks. For example, 6GB are 3x2GB sticks, so, this is a tri channel kit that only supported by the i7 and mobos with chipset X58 for example.

    Now, a 4GB kit is 2x2GB stick, so, that kit is dual channel, that is supported by intel and AMD.

    In other words, when you have only one stick of RAM is single channel, when you have two stick with the same specifications, and installed correctly on the proper mobo's slots, you have dual channel. And finally, if you have 3 stick with the same specifications installed correctly on the proper mobo's slots and the mobo support tri channel, you have a tri channel RAM.
  7. could i buy 2 2x2bg to get 8bg and 4 ram (i have 4 ram slots on my ram) ??
    is their any chance of me getting 6bg or is that only for tri channel
    (im still kinda confused lol ) sorry
  8. Yes, you could buy 4xmodules 2Gb DDR3 to get 8Gb DDR3 at total (or 2xmodules 4Gb DDR3)
    You can buy 6Gb (3xDIMM) but in that situation you coudn't run Dual Channel. You will only have 6Gb at single channel (less performance). Therefore, the best option is to buy one or two couples of modules.

    In this link you will find a " memory support list" in the menu on the right.
  9. Hmm im still dont know whats the diffrence with all these Ram sticks >__< its i get the higher mHz mean faster ram but wats with 9-9-9-24-2n or summin or CL8

    Whats the difference with these ??

    THX guys your help is very Appreciated :)
  10. Those numbers are the timings. The lower they are, the faster the memory is.

    Here you have a tutorual about it:

    G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz (2x2G) F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL is faster than G.Skill 4GB RipJaw (2x 2GB) DDR3-1333MHZ, F3-10666CL8D-4GBRM, PC10666

    The frecuency of the first one is higher (1660 vs 1333) although the timings are worse. But you wouldn't notice any difference between CL9 and CL8 at the same frecuency. Therefore, choose the first one.
  11. Hi again.

    For your needs yo can go with 4GB (2x2GB), the 6GB is for tri-channel, that your mobo an processor don't support and will be a waste of money if your buy it.

    Now, for your needs, I think that you don't need buy 8GB, because you only want a gaming rig, and it's clear that you only can play one game at the same time, maybe in the future with new games and new technology you could need the 8GB, but not for today.

    Finally the difference between both RAM is the Cas Latency (CL).

    What is CL?, Is the delay time between the moment that the memory controller ask to the RAM for a specific data, and the RAM reply to the controller with the data. Is better a lower CL that a high CL. So, you can see that the frequency isn't the only important here.

    For DDR3 the recommended is CL8 or less and 1.65V max.

    Which is the best for your? since your rig is an AMD rig, AMD works better with RAM 1333MHz, so, go with the 4GB 1333, that's a very good RAM with CL8 an 1.5V.
  12. Whait now I'm confused the red rip jaw or the blue???
    (1 or 2)
  13. I'd like to put my vote in for OCZ Platinum modules. They have been great on my 8200 for overclocking, they have a 7-7-7-16 timing @1.65V. The G.Skill are good also, but I wanted to give a second opinion, since all the posts so far seem to persuade that only G.Skill will do... IMHO
  14. Can you please explain why the Blue rip are better than the red ones i understand that the timing is faster but doesn't more MHz mean better?? and the red one is 12800 vs the blue 10666
    1600mHZ 1333MHZ
    OCZ Are w000w expensive 1066mhz(slow?) 1600mhz (much better :) OMG 350$ :o )

    are these tri channel and if so.are their duel channel models?

    Ram is confusing....
    If any ones has some Nice OCZ platinum please send a link =) (200- plz)
  15. If you think this is confusing, you'll love RAID. :D

    Seriously, though, RAM does get a little weird.

    First of all, dual-channel mode and triple-channel mode have less to do with your RAM sticks than the memory controller on your motherboard. A dual-channel capable motherboard (such as yours) will have a memory controller that can access two channels of memory at the same time, sort of like that scene in "Iron Monkey" where the doctor is writing two prescriptions at the same time, one with each hand: if you have memory installed on each channel, then the memory controller will work with them simultaneously, theoretically doubling the memory throughput. Apparently, there's some disagreement as to whether or not this actually works, but you can read more here. Triple-channel is basically the same idea, but with three channels.

    What does this have to do with your choice of RAM? RAM sticks by themselves aren't "dual-channel" or "triple-channel," they're just sold in kits for dual-channel or triple-channel systems; you can either buy the dual channel kit of those RipJaws you're looking at, or you can buy each stick individually. So long as you put them in the right slots in your motherboard, they'll work in dual-channel mode.

    What is important is to find memory that will work with your motherboard and processor. Henry pointed out earlier a "memory support list," which is a list of RAM sticks--model, manufacturer, form, speed, etc.--that a motherboard manufacturer--Gigabyte, in this case--knows will work with that motherboard. Going off this list is probably your best bet if you're looking for stability, but you don't have to do that (I didn't). There are plenty of people here who know a lot more than I do who'll steer you in the right direction.

    As for RAM speed and timings, they're both important to your overall experience. As others have explained, the RAM speed is how fast the stick runs (1066 MHz for instance), or how many operations it can perform a second (about 1,066,000,000, to be exact). The the latency (or CAS latency or CL) refers to how many clock cycles it takes for the RAM to retrieve a piece of data. So if your RAM has a CL or 8 and a speed of 1066 MHz, it takes 8 cycles for it to respond to a request for data, just as if you asked a friend a question and it took him or her a moment to respond. That's latency. You can go here for more info, and you can read this article to have it explained more in-depth: while the article is a couple of years old, the principles still work.

    But if you work out the math, you'll find that 5/1,066,000,000ths of a second is a fraction of a fraction of a second slower than as 7/1,600,000,000ths of a second, and given that the slower clock speed is actually supported by the motherboard, I think you'll find much greater gains in stability and reliability--and therefore performance--at than you will in speed if you go with the 1066MHz over the 1600MHz. (I'm using 4GB of 1066 RAM at 7-7-7-20, and I still get between 170 and 195 fps on Half Life 2, and that's with x6 to x8 AA)

    Anyhow, I hope that helps.
  16. Best answer
    Beastxxx said:
    Can you please explain why the Blue rip are better than the red ones i understand that the timing is faster but doesn't more MHz mean better?? and the red one is 12800 vs the blue 10666
    1600mHZ 1333MHZ
    OCZ Are w000w expensive 1066mhz(slow?) 1600mhz (much better :) OMG 350$ :o )

    are these tri channel and if so.are their duel channel models?

    Ram is confusing....
    If any ones has some Nice OCZ platinum please send a link =) (200- plz)

    Ok let's see.

    1- From the 1st link the RAM is DDR2, so, don't fit in your mobo AM3 because that mobo only works with DDR3.
    2- From the 2nd link, the RAM have a very good CL, but the voltage is very high for DDR3, if your see is 1.9V, that is the same voltage that DDR2. Like I said up, DDR3 must be 1.65V max.
    3- That is an excellent RAM (I use it), but is tri-channel, and your mobo and processor only support dual-channel. Don't have sense spend money in a tri-channel kit if your mobo and processor don't support this. You can installed, but you won't see a very good performance because at least one of the stick will run in single channel, an that affect all the rig. You can find good 4GB kits of Crucial an a good price.

    Now, the explanation of steppenwolf is good. As an add, your mobo, only support RAM 12800 OC. What means OC? Is overclock, that like I see don't don't know how to do it. For that speed you need set all the specifications of the RAM manually in the BIOS, the CL, the voltage, tRCD and other specifications.

    You can read THIS is for DDR and DDR2, but is the same for DDR3.

    This two are good RAM options for your.

    1- OCZ 4GB 1333 very good CL.
    2- G.Skill 4GB 1333 excellent voltage.
  17. Here you have a comparative between DDR3-1333 CL7 and DDR3-1600 CL8 (photoshop, 7-zip and some games). Higher frecuency is better than lower timings, althouh the difference is not very high.
  18. I thought the crucial where Dual hmm it doesn't really say .......its not noob proof enough haha

    im prii sure these are duel channel
    please correct me if im wrong
  19. ^Perfect, and the Crucial's web site have international shipping, so, you can buy it from the crucial's web site directly.
  20. YAY good brand i hear and AWsome LED function (im such a sucker for LED)
    Thanks guys

    Are these Dual because they have the same specs and every thing as the 2x2 but obviously its 6BG :D
    THX guys for your Help.Im really grateful :)
  21. That is a tri-channel kit. Why? Because are 6GB (3x2GB).

    Yeah, the LEDs are awesome, I have Crucial too and are very good.
  22. OH ic Than=_)
    soo i could buy 2x2 then buy a separate 1x2 or buy another 2x2 in the future?
  23. Yeah, for now is good with 2x2GB, if you want add more RAM in the future, you can add 2x1GB or 2x2GB.
  24. Wait don't they sell 1 x 2BG?
  25. ^Yeah they sell 1x2GB, but for performance you always buy on kits. 2x1GB, or 2x2GB or 3x2GB(tri-channel)
  26. Ok yea` ill prob go for some 2x2 blue now and in the future go with 2x2 Red =_)
    THX guys Im gonna get the Crucial
  27. Any time, that's why we are here. And enjoy your RAM, is very good. :)
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