EVGA X58 MoBo's-Which One?

I have been setuping up a build and plan to do either 3 way SLI with the GTX 470, if not I plan on SLI 470 with PsyX card.
Anyways since EVGA is the best place to get a board for nvidia cards, I decided to get the i7 930 for multiple reasons and one of
them being the X58 boards being the best money can buy, with out any bottlenecks, 6 dimms, better PCI slots and so one.
So I am trying to stick to a budget which is 1500, but its just the budget I am trying to stay under, I am not buying for a couple of
month cause I want to see what prices are like and what is on the shelfs.
Back to the EVGA boards, The classified boards is to much, so there are 2 X58 SLI boards that are exactly the same and then there is the LE version.
I can't seem to find what makes one better than the other, I actually prefer the looks of the LE version.
So if you could help me figure what is going on between these three.
Also since I am not buying till like juneishjuly, does anyone know if EVGA is going to release any new boards with sata 3 and usb 3???
Also if you think there is something better or/and cheaper priced let me know.
So minimum 3 way SLI, X58, medium budget 200-300 dollars-but leaning more to around 250, its to go with a set of the best card out on the market 470,
and my plan is to stick it in the new LanBoy Air, so I was shooting for black or blue but its not as important as performace and features.
Also I would like one that has really good features and the best bios and good OCing capabilites, thats why I picked evga.
so there it this let me know what you think, recommendations, opinions, and hate mail are exepted! So post it up!
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  1. MY recommend... EVGA E758-A1 3-Way SLI

    I have the older TR version and it has done me outstanding!!! :)
  2. Yeah thats the one I was looking at, and it seems to be the best X58 board for Nvidia cards.
    Plus its price is getting lower by the day. I want to stay at my budget, so I don't over estimate and then have to scramble to find a cheaper part, so when the time comes and I have extra I can always bump it up to the classified board.
    But it seems to be the ideal boad if your trying to save a little cash, there dose not seem like there would be a huge difference between them.
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    I'm getting the EVGA X58 SLI LE. Didn't see a reason to pay for the extra features on the more expensive boards. It still comes with a ton of great stuff.
  4. Yeah the LE is are still nice, I think it actually looks better than other two. I was looking at the EVGA's cause I am still debating on wether or not I want to get the new
    GTX 470. It seems like each company has their own vesion and msi has the cool street fighter one. I figured since the only problem with the 470 is its heat issue,
    that by the time I buy one they will have fixed it. Evga is definitely the mobo to get when getting nvidia cards.
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