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Hey guys,
I've got a 32GB Patriot Torqx 2 SSD with Windows 7 64 bit installed and a 750GB Western Digital Caviar Black HDD as my secondary drive. When I install programs on my 750G hard drive using the Windows 7 OS installed on my SSD I lose about 300MB (approx .3GB) with every install. When I uninstall that same program, it does not free up the space yet all of the files of that program are deleted. Is there a setting I am missing to cause it to regain the space or do I just have a faulty SSD? All replies are appreciated, but quick responses would be greatly appreciated since tomorrow is the last day I can RMA the SSD. I'm thinking I'll just get a 120GB and RMA this one in case the new one has the same issue and at least I'd have plenty of space.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Have you done a disk clean to clean up your temporary files?
  2. Hi tecmo34,

    Thanks for the reply. I have, and just completed another one. I installed Adobe Acrobat Reader (Adobe's website said it was ~38.4MB but my PC used 400MB to install it - the 'uninstall program' window in the control panel says its only using 211MB) The disk cleanup only restored 100MB - which I guess is lucky since other programs that I have uninstalled the storage space just disappears. I'm honestly thinking I'm just going to RMA this and use my HDD as my primary - I realize SSDs are faster but I guess HDDs are more reliable - I might just pick up another HDD and setup a RAID config since my system is already pretty fast. Hopefully we can figure this problem out though :)
    Thanks again for the quick reply.

  3. More a question, When you do an install even though you point to the HDD most programs installations install "Temporary" files. In most cases when these programs complete the installation they do not remove the Tmp Files even with an uninstall. If your "Temp" directory is on the C drive That could explain it. You can change the path to where temporary program files are placed, also the temp directory for internet tmp files.
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    Have you checked your "System Restore" settings? A lot of times when you install a new program, Windows will create a "System Restore" point, which will take up space that will not go away after you uninstall. I would recommend either disabling (if you do frequent backups) or lowering the bar to the lowest percentage possible (minimal space required).
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies!

    I have to believe it is the System Restore settings. I hadn't even thought of it until you mentioned it. I have the settings loaded and it is set to use approximately 400 mb which would be about how much I was losing when I installed anything so that would make sense. Is there any way to still allow System Restore points to be created for my C: drive but on my 750GB hard drive instead of on the SSD? Do I just simply enable System Restore on my HDD and disable it on my SSD for this to work?
    Thanks again!
  6. I'm not seeing an option to switch the System Restore options to another hard drive for the System Drive. It is hard drive specific on the System Restore from what I'm seeing and know. :(
  7. Okay, well thank you and everyone else who replied to this thread for their time and effort in helping me resolve this issue. :)
    I have it set to create restore points which will allow me to restore files to previous versions - hopefully I won't need to use any Restore Points any time soon.

    Thanks again.
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