My computer fans work but nothing else does

My fans all work in the computer but the monitor and drives aren't reconized. The monitor light blinks as though it wasn't connected and it is. The screen remains black. The power supply is new.
and works great but even when I trying the CD drive button nothing happens. Also when the power is on I cannot turn off the computer from the front button even holding it in for 20 seconds unless I turn off the button behind the power supply. My power supply is where it should be at 115. I have removed the CPU and put it back in just to make sure it was in securely. I am working with XP, and my computer is a HP Pavilion 552x. My mother board is P4S-LS.
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  1. try clearing the RTC (real time clock). usually that fixes that kind of problem. Look at the manual for your motherboard on how to do this.
  2. Thank you for replying. I have no manual for my mother board. bought the computer used. I wouldn't even know where to begin.
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