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I want to configure wireless connectivity between my desktop PC and laptop. The purpose it to share data and internet connection between both the PCs. Currently I am using wired internet connection and hence it worked either for desktop or laptop not both.

My Laptop and Destop both has wifi card installed and desktop. I would like to know whether I need a WiFi router (and which one in that case) for communication or do we have another alternate.
I am novice in networking and need your advice. If you have any question then please do let me know.

Thanks for your time.
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    Instead of a router and infrastructure network you can use adhoc networking -- computer to computer.

    Have a look at the literature which came with the wireless adapters and at the software user interface provided with the adapters (rather than just using Windows networking) this will allow you to set the wireless adapter to ad hoc in the simplest way.

    I believe the two adapters have to use the same SSID but have never used ad hoc so I suggest you check Windows Help (or Google) with the phrase "ad hoc network" and see what help you can find.
  2. Thank you Fihart.

    In case required I will get back.
  3. > Hi,
    > I have U.S.Robotics 802.11g 54Mpbs USB Adapter connected and installed
    > at my desk computer - pluged into USB.
    > I wanna connect my notebook with my desk computer through wireless
    > connection and I need help with that cause I don't know how to
    > configure that :/
    > My goal is to connect notebook with desk computer and later turn on
    > ICS.
    > Any help is welcome.
    > thx

    problem solved reading this article
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  5. Thanks to ALL for helping me out.
    I was able to establish a connection sucessfully between my PC and Laptop.

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