Hard Disk Formatting--SATA 2 vs. SATA 3

I suspect there is no difference but I'll ask to be sure...

If a hard disk is formatted in a SATA II, 3.0GB/s computer, is there any difference compared to being formatted in a SATA III, 6.0GB/s computer?

In other words, can I format my new SAMSUNG hard drive in my old SATA II, 3.0GB/s system while waiting for my SATA III, 6.0GB/s RMA'd M/B to be returned to me?
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    Yes you can use it. "Formatting" refers to what's on the physical disk. SATA II/III basically refers to how fast the data can be transferred, the protocol between the controller and the cpu.
  2. Formatting a drive has no relation to a computer's SATA specification.

    SATA II & SATA III are just specs which indicate the maximum data transfer rate.

    When you format a drive you are just preparing it to be read/written by an o/s (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
  3. How do I "Select as best answer" when both replies are equally 'Best"? :D :D

    I figured there wouldn't be any difference. Thanks for confirming that.
  4. Select Twoboxer, he replied 1st. :)
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  6. I should have asked this in my original post...

    Is formatting any different when using Windows 32-bit vs. 64-bit?
  7. No, its not. Any disk formatted under, eg, Win7 32-bit can be used by Win7 64-bit.
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