I need help!!!


I got components on Christmas. And there is a problem. The Gigabyte Splash screen pops up and I'm given options. Then it disappears to a black screen then pops back on for a brief time. The entire computer then shuts off. I have no idea whats wrong. This is my first build and everything was going smoothly until now. It powers up and everything, all the fans work as they should. Whats wrong?

MOBO: Gigabyte EP43-UDL3
CPU: Intel E8400
RAM: Transcend 2GB and 4 GB of some unknown ram (my cousins said it'd work)
Apevia 650W Java Power

If anybody could help I would be so thankful and appreciative.

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  1. i removed the stick my cousin gave me. They're pieces of junk. Everything is working fine now. I really very much appreciate it! Happiest of holidays to you!
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