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i just bought ASUS N53JF. It is working with Bly-ray Combo DVDRW Drive. i was tried to install MS Office by DVD. however, it shows that E:/ has no CD in it. then i tried to put some other CD and DVD into it. it still shows no CD in it. i just want to ask how can i fix it. cause it is the new one. it can't be broken right. also i saw the light and i did heard the sound that shows the drive was running.

thx and help me please!!
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  1. Why not contact Asus tech support, since it is still in warranty?

    Oops, that's a notebook, so I deleted the section about checking cables. Is the drive seen in the Device Manager? Could you ever read a disc with it?
  2. it is showing in the Device Manager. my drive is CD-Rom Drive. it still not working. i think i really have to contact Asus tech support
  3. In my experience Asus Tech Support is a sad joke... Yes the new drive could be bad.
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