Need help on i7 pricing and etc

i want to get an estimate of an i7 920 that can use an i9 (socket 1366, if im right) when it comes out,but i want to get the
motherboard and ram+i7 for price that isnt way to high since i want to save up for an i9 after i7,i was first planning on skipping the i7 but
this is my layout so far,before i buy anything can anybody verify this?
KINGWIN Mach 1 1220 - 230$ free shipping
(have 1 gtx 285,planning on doing sli later,and even i9 after it comes out)

Core i7-920 Bloomfield - 288$ free shipping


CORSAIR XMS3 12GB - 340$ free shipping
(people say its a good set,but my goal is 1600 DDR3 12GB ram,i looked at OCz but people didnt like it as much,you decide)

ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 LGA 1366 Intel X58 - 270$ free shipping
(must be:
-socket 1366
-12GB ram DDR3 1600
-2 way SLI compatible
and stupid question,is it possible to upgrade usb 2.0 to 3.0? or thats within the motherboard by itself?

the idea is to have a system that can have atleast 12GB ram at least, and be compatible with i7 and i9 in the future,
i have
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  1. Get the asus board; asus is better than anyone else about updating the bios for newer cpus. Microcenter still sells the 920 for $199 sometimes, if you live near one. And frys had a 920 combo with msi board for $280 after $20 rebate 2 days ago. Those are the best deals I've seen.
  2. Not familiar with the Kingwin PSU myself. 1200W does seem like an awful lot. At $259 it seems like you could get a very good quality PSU for about half as much money. Then you can use that money to save for your "i9" cpu later on. Or help you get your SLI setup a little sooner.
  3. i have kingwin in mind because its a module design,you only only use what you need,and i9 is said to be 130w,but yea if you know a better module design then id be glad to hear it,and sli sooner does sound good lol
  4. 1200 watt PSU is way way oversized. Two 285's w/ 2 GB each draw 260 watts total. 850 watter more than enough. Would suggest an Antec 1200 Case w/ CP-850 PSU or a CM HAF 932 w/ Antec SG-850 or Corsair HX-850

    and stupid question,is it possible to upgrade usb 2.0 to 3.0? or thats within the motherboard by itself?

    No need to

    Memory - Have not been able to find anything that will draw on more than 6 GB as yet (CAD usage, normal business, entertainment and gaming) but the Mushkin 998691 are the ones to beat w/ 6-7-6-18 timings.
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