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One day I was surfing the web then I heard strange noises coming from the case fan. I restarted the PC then it said

Error: System Fan Has Failed! Service PC to prevent damage to the system.
press <F2> to continue

So I went to the retail store, and bought a new fan (Blue-Eye LED Case Fan, Thermaltake, silent variable resistor fan spinning from 1300-2500 rpm.) which is now installed to the PC.

The new fan works fine but when I boot the computer, I get the same message above. Do you guys know why I get this message?

Also this new fan's speed is manually adjustable..I never used one before, which speed is the best? I do play video games so should I keep it high or low?

Thank you for your time :)
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  1. All it is is that you have a fan plugged into one of the motherboard fan headers and the fan has failed, have you checked to make sure all other case fans are working ok?

    You should be able to turn off the 'case fan fail' error checking feature in the BIOS if it annoys you.

    More RPM - more airflow and so greater cooling performance, but will be louder, so its up to you to decide if the noise of the fan at high speed annoys you or if you need the extra cooling power.
  2. I only have one fan and it is the new one, I don't know why I still get the same message but I will do what you said and remove that message. Thank you
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